About us

Welcome to Aspian Embroidery, your go-to embroidery shop in Maidstone. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch embroidery services for businesses, schools, clubs, and more across Kent. If you’re searching for an "embroidery shop near me" or "embroidery service near me," you’ve come to the right place.

  • Embroidered Clothing

    Perfect for promoting your brand or team, our embroidered clothing services in Maidstone offer high-quality, durable designs that make a lasting impression. Whether you need uniforms, promotional apparel, or team gear, we ensure each piece is crafted with precision and care to reflect your brand's identity. If you’re looking for “embroidered workwear Maidstone” or “embroidered workwear Kent,” we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

  • Patches/Badges

    Showcase your identity with custom patches and badges. Ideal for clubs, organizations, and special events, our patches and badges are designed to stand out. We use the best materials and techniques to create detailed, eye-catching designs that enhance your apparel and accessories. For anyone searching for an “embroidery shop near me” or “embroidery service near me,” Aspian Embroidery is your go-to source.

  • HTV/DTF Print

    Our HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and DTF (Direct to Film) printing services provide high-quality prints for vibrant and durable designs. Perfect for intricate and colourful graphics, these printing methods ensure your designs are bold and long-lasting, suitable for a variety of apparel and promotional items. When looking for an “printing shop Maidstone,” consider us for all your printing needs.

  • Logo Digitising

    Achieve flawless embroidery with our precise logo digitising service. We convert your logo into a digital embroidery pattern, ensuring every detail is captured accurately. This process guarantees that your logo looks sharp and professional on any fabric, enhancing your brand's visibility. Our logo digitising is perfect for those needing “embroidered workwear Kent” or nearby areas.

  • Clothing Rebranding

    Transform your existing apparel with our clothing rebranding services. Whether you want to update your logo, change your design, or repurpose your uniforms, we provide innovative solutions to refresh your wardrobe. Our rebranding services help you maintain a modern, cohesive look for your team or business. For high-quality “embroidered workwear Maidstone” and beyond, look no further than Aspian Embroidery.

  • Wholesale Services

    In addition to our custom services, we offer wholesale embroidery solutions for larger orders. Whether you’re outfitting an entire organisation or reselling custom apparel, we provide competitive pricing and high-quality products to meet your bulk needs. Our wholesale services make it easy to get large quantities of custom apparel without compromising on quality. If you're searching for an “embroidery shop near me” that offers bulk ordering, Aspian Embroidery is your ideal partner.

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Why Choose Us?

Located conveniently in Maidstone, Aspian Embroidery is dedicated to providing exceptional embroidered workwear for businesses throughout Kent. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other embroidery shops. Whether you’re looking for "embroidered workwear in Kent" or "embroidered workwear in Maidstone," we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Who We Serve

We cater to a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Businesses: Enhance your corporate identity with branded workwear.
  • Schools: Create a sense of unity with custom school uniforms and badges.
  • Clubs: Show off your club pride with unique apparel.
  • Events: Make your events memorable with custom-designed clothing.

Our Commitment

At Aspian Embroidery, our commitment is to excellence in every stitch. We prioritise quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that each piece of workwear or custom apparel we create meets the highest standards. We use the latest technology and meticulous techniques to bring your designs to life with precision and care.

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